White Mulberry

Morus Alba



White mulberry- this is an attractive shrub with smooth leaves that are whitish or pale pink, and inconspicuous flowers. The white mulberry bears fruit similar to blackberries. They are juicy, sweet/sour and very tasty. The fresh fruits are suitable for immediate consumption, preserves and juices. They can also be dried and used like raisins, and the leaves can be brewed to make tea.


The plant is best positioned in a warm, sunny and sheltered place. It grows well on poor and sandy soils, although it prefers moist ground that is free draining, loamy, and moderately rich in nutrients. The optimum pH should be close to neutral.

Usually the mulberry does not require pruning. Pruning should be limited to sanitary cutting, involving the removal of damaged, frostbitten, and crossed shoots. Young plants should be fertilized with organic fertilizer, such as compost. The Mulberry is well suited to high, rarely cut hedges. Smaller shoots can be cut in spring, reducing them by 1/3 or 1/2 of the length, while the thicker branches should be pruned at the end of August. The Plant is resistant to air pollution.
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