Hanging Strawberry

Fragria Pendula




Ostara is a variety of strawberry which is exceptionally fertile, and because of that repeats fruiting. It can be planted into large pots or boxes, and trained as hanging or climbing. It fruits from mid-July until the autumn. The fruit is medium sized, bright red, attractive in appearance, and above all very tasty - especially loved by children. The taste is like wild strawberries. This variety is very easy to grow.


The plant is best planted in a sunny position. The ideal soil should be fertile, rich in humus, sufficiently airy, and free-draining. The optimal pH is in the range 5,5-6,2.

Before planting, the soil must be thoroughly weeded, especially relating to dandelion and couch grass. Increasing the amount of humus, manure, and compost, can significantly improve the quality of the soil. The strawberries should be planted so as not to overwhelm the base of the leaves with new buds. In late spring the strawberries ripen and the fruits should be collected daily, as those left on the plant tend to decay. In summer, when the plant stem stolons grow, they should be removed just at the base of the leaves. In late autumn the plant should be protected from frost by mulching with straw. In the spring of the following year, the strawberries should be fertilized using a multi-component fertilizer, preferably in liquid form.
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