Amelanchier is a shrub that is an outstanding ornamental plant, as well as giving excellent, very healthy fruit. It grows up to 4-6 meters. Swidosliwa stems are covered with white hair. It blooms in spring - the flowers which are gathered in clusters, are white with a subtle shade of pink. In autumn, when the leaves take on a reddish-orange hue, the shrub looks equally impressive. The fruits ripen in summer. At the beginning they are red, then purple, and when mature they become black. They can be eaten raw or processed.


The shrub is best planted in a sunny or semi-shaded position. The plant prefers free draining humus soil. The optimal pH is between 6.0-7.5.

Rejuvenating pruning should be carried out annually, but only 6-8 years after planting in the period from November to the end of February. Remove diseased, dry and over-crowded shoots, which stimulates the plant to fruit. Swidosliwa bears fruit on branches from the previous year, or older branches. It should be fertilized with organic fertilizers. In the case of drought, it is necessary to water. The plant is resistant to frost and most diseases. Diseases that can affect the plant are, Brown spot, Brown rot, Monilinia laxa and Leukostomoza. In the case of Fire blight, all diseased shrubs should be removed.
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