Peach Tree Mini

Prunus Persica



Peach tree Mini - this small tree is a type of low graft, growing up to 80-100cm, which makes harvesting trouble free, and the fruit can even be easily reached by children. In spring the tree produces showy pink flowers, and at the end of the summer the fruits ripen to an orangey-red colour that are delicious, with refreshing flesh. They grow abundantly.


The tree is best grown in a pot or in the ground in a warm, sunny position, sheltered from the wind. The plant prefers soil that is fertile and free draining, with an optimum pH in the range of 6,5-7,0.

The peach does not require pruning, but you can trim the crown to promote growth. The blossoms should be protected from frost-if grown in a pot, it should be taken indoors, and if planted in the ground should be protected with an agricultural fleece. The tree should be regularly watered and the soil in the pot should always be kept moist. Before the onset of winter and the first frost, the pot should be brought indoors.
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