Grafted Grapevine

Vitis vinifera




Pinot Gris is a variety originating from France. It grows moderately strong or very strong. It blooms late, and the fruit ripens medium- late in the season. The grapes are small, compact and barrel-shaped. They are of  medium size, mostly rounded, pinkish brown, sometimes with a bluish tinge. Very tasty, with a rich aroma.


The vine is best planted in a sunny position, that is warm and sheltered from wind. It grows well in light soils, that are permeable and rich in nutrients. The optimal pH is in the range 6,7-7,2.

The seedling should be planted at a depth, so 2-3 buds protrude above the surface of the soil. At first half bury with soil, then, profusely water and cover completely. The protruding part of the seedling should be banked for example with peat. The vine requires pruning both in the winter, as well as during the growing season. In the early spring, during the so-called forced dormant period, cut woody stems of annuals, but rarely perennial stems. In order to achieve a particular form of the bush, perform (formative pruning), and in order to properly load the bush with fruit, perform (fruiting pruning). During the growing season, repeatedly prune the green parts and thin out branches and blossoms, cut premature shoots, and the tops of branches before flowering: topping branches, pulls away unwanted leaves and the like, as a result, properly performed pruning should leave only the fruiting shoots, and the shoots that are required to maintain the shape of the bush for the following year. In order to prevent frost damage, in late autumn the shoots of the plant should be covered with sawdust or peat. In early spring uncover, so that sunlight could reach the shoots. Every year it is important to feed the vines with organic fertilizer such as compost.

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