Riesling is one of the most widely cultivated varieties in the world. The plant grows up to 3-5 meters. It matures in the second half of October. Fruits are medium sized, coated with thin, pink skin. Riesling is a grape with a floral, almost perfumed bouquet and excellent taste. This variety is ideal for white wine and for processing.


This vine is best planted in a sunny, warm, position that is sheltered from wind. It grows well in light soil that is free draining and rich in nutrients. The optimum pH is in the range of 6,7-7,2.

The seedling should be planted at a depth so as 2-3 buds protrude above the surface, and then partly backfilled and watered generously, to complete the process after watering backfill completely. The protruding part of the seedling should then be lightly covered with peat or something similar. Pruning is required both in the winter dormant period, and during the growing season. In early spring, in the so-called forced dormancy, cut the one year old woody stems, and rarely cut the older shoots. In order to achieve a particular form (formative pruning is advised), and in order to properly spread the load of fruit on the bush (fruiting pruning is advised). During the growing period, repeatedly cut the green parts of the shrub: thin the plant, cut the flower clusters, cut the premature shoots, pinch out new growth, deadhead, remove unnecessary leaves etc. As a result of proper pruning, the remaining shoots are the ones necessary for fruiting and giving the bush its shape in following year (substitute shoots). In late autumn, to protect against frost the shoots of the plant should be covered with soil, sawdust or peat. In Early spring, uncover the mound, so that sunlight can reach the shoots. Each year the vines should be fed with an organic fertilizer, e.g. Compost.
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