Vaccinium Corymbosum




Patriot is one of the most valuable varieties of early maturing American blueberries (fruits begin to ripen in July). It produces very large, aromatic and very tasty fruit - excellent for direct consumption, as well as preserves. Resistant to frost. Very fertile. Fruits stay on the plant and do not fall.


The shrub is best planted in a sunny position. The blueberry can be grown in peat, moderately fertile soil, and even poorer quality soil, that should be kept moist and airy at all times. The optimum pH should be in the range of 3,5-4,8.

In order to maintain a healthy plant, from the moment of planting the shrub, up to 4 years, it is recommended to perform sanitation pruning by cutting back or removing shoots that are unhealthy, weak, mechanically damaged, or frostbitten. Thinning to open up light channels and revitalise the plant should begin from the fifth year. It is recommended to cut back and remove the oldest stems or overcrowded shoots. The most suitable period for pruning is at the end of winter and the beginning of spring, when there are no severe frosts. You can then recognize frostbitten-shoots and visible flower buds which makes it easier to decide how much to prune. Use nitrogen fertilizer in three doses - from early May to mid-June. First apply directly after the shrub flowers, and then at the end of the fruiting period. Potassium fertilizers, phosphorus, and magnesium should be used in the autumn. Blueberries require constant irrigation. The plant is resistant to frost, but in the first year new seedlings should be protected, covering with a layer of mulch for winter. This variety requires a pollinator.
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