Five Flavor Berry

Schisandra Chinesis



Five-Flavor-Berry- this is a perennial vine that grows up to 10 m in height. It produces brown shoots that twine around supports or tree trunks. The leaves are mounted on long stems, and are elliptical in shape. The flowers are small, white, cream or pink. They give off a delicate, extremely pleasant scent. At the end of the summer the fruit ripens on the vine. They are dark red, spherical, and gathered in clusters. Fruits can be eaten - in the form of tea or fruit preserves. According to Chinese folk medicine they have health benefits. Also, the leaves can be brewed to replace tea.


The plant is best positioned in a slightly shady place, free from direct sunlight. The vine prefers fertile soil that is well-drained and relatively moist.

This plant is resistant to frost, and can be planted successfully throughout the country. For the first 2-3 years after planting, it is best to allow the plant to grow freely, then select 1-3 of the strongest shoots and tie them to a support to grow vertically upwards. Every year in early spring, before vegetation, the shrub should be pruned by removing the stems that are weak and damaged, and last year's side shoots shortened above the twelfth or fifteenth well-formed bud. From the second year after planting, the plant should be fertilized. Preferably manure should be spread at the plant base, and on top a 2cm layer of decomposing bark. The vine is sensitive to drought, so please take care to water it regularly.
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