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Dogwood- this plant's fruits are used therapeutically. It grows up to 3 m in height. Even before the leaves appear it is covered with countless yellow flowers. The leaves are green, and in the autumn they turn scarlet red. Dogwood fruits early in the fruiting period. The fruits are large and red, with a slightly sour taste. Perfect for liqueurs, preserves and pickles.


The plant has relatively low soil and light requirements. It grows well in a sunny and sheltered position, but may also grow in partial shade. The only place that it will not grow is in marshy or sandy conditions. The best soil would be clay with a slightly alkaline pH (pH 7.0-7.5).

This plant practically does not require any treatments such as spraying or pruning. However, pruning could be done in the summer or autumn - removing dead and diseased branches. In order to have growth higher up on the stem, remove the side branches. Dogwood does not like inorganic fertilizers. It is best to use natural compost. For more fertile soil, fertilization is not necessary at all.
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