Wild strawberry

Fragaria Vesca


Poziomka Regina


Regina is an extremely prolific variety with large and tasty fruits. The plant has a compact growth habit and does not produce stolons. It grows strongly, growing up to about 30 cm in height. It fruits from May to October. Regina fruits are twice as large as in other varieties, with the shape of an enlarged cone and intensely red color. They delight with delicious taste and intense aromas. In addition, they are very juicy - perfect for both direct consumption and for preserves. 


Wild strawberry prefers sunny or semi-shaded places. The humus soil is best for this plant. It also grows well in sandy soil. What's important, it should be light, permeable and constantly moist The optimum pH is in the range of 5.5-6.0.

Before planting, the soil should be fed with compost or fermented manure. When planting a wild strawberry, be careful not to cover the base of leaves with new buds by the soil. The plant responds well to mulching. In the spring of the next year after planting, fertilize the wild strawberry with a multi-component fertilizer, preferably a liquid one. In periods of drought, irrigation is necessary. In the early years, weeding is one of the most important care treatments to perform.

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