Rose Polyantha





Rumba - this is a breathtaking variety with extremely original flowers. The flowers are two-toned – yellow/red, 4-6 cm in diameter, half-full to full, consisting of many petals. On one stem there could be both yellow and red flowers, that are independent of each other, or flowers that have both yellow and red petals, or shaded petals: yellow in the middle of the flower with red shaded edges. Flowers grow on the current year's shoots in large numbers, a few to a dozen, in flat topped clusters, and are delicately fragrant. This shrub grows densely, is extensively branched and compact, with an upright habit. It reaches up to 40-60 cm height and 60 cm in width.



This shrub is best planted in a sunny position. It grows well in sandy-loam soil which is moderately moist, and has an optimum pH in the range of 6-6,5.

The faded flowers should always be removed from the plant. In summer, the shrub requires watering - this is best done in the morning or in the evening. Avoid soaking the leaves or flowers. In late autumn prune the plant, leaving only 10 cm of shoots. Then cover them with earth, sawdust or peat. This will protect the rose from frost. In early spring uncover the shoots and leaves so that the sun can have access to the plant. In order to prevent black spot use a suitable spray.
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