White gosseberry


Ribes uva-crispa

Agrest biay Puszkiskij


Puszkińskij- this shrub grows moderately fast. The fruits are medium sized, oval and a greenish-yellow, later becoming fully yellow. They are covered with a light waxy bloom. The skin is delicate and smooth, and the flesh could be described as succulent and very tasty. This variety is highly resistant to frost. 


The shrub is best planted in a sunny position, in a moderately moist and fertile soil. The optimum pH is in the range of 5,5-6,2. 

Shrubs that are planted in the autumn should be pruned the following spring, and if planted in the spring - should be pruned immediately after planting. Make the first cut above the second or third bud eye that is outward facing. In the middle of the fruiting season the shrub needs thinning. Remove five and six year old stems. It is recommended that the shrub consists of a maximum of 12 main shoots. The crown should be relatively open. To ensure fertilization it is recommended to use compost or mineral fertilizers. Nitrogen fertilizer should be used in early spring, and potassium and phosphorus in the autumn. In dry years, the bush requires regular watering. The plant has a high resistance to American gooseberry mildew.

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