Panicled Hydrangea

"Pink Diamond"

Hydrangea paniculata

Hortensja Pink Diamond


Pink Diamond is a precious variety of hydrangea paniculata. The bush can reach 2 m in height. Prune annually to keep its height at 1.5. Rigid, upright and rarely branching shoots give the plant an impressive and regular shape. Blooming starts between July and August. Flowers are gathered in very large bunches with the diameter reaching 25 cm. Its white flowers decorate the bush until the end of autumn, withering in time and becoming intensively pink.


The bush should be planted in a shaded location, protected against wind. Fertile soil, rich in humus and properly moist, is preferred. Optimum pH from 4.5 to 5.5.

To plant the hydrangea bush, dig a wide hole and fill it with a mixture of acidic and deacidified humus, garden soil and compost. Place the bush, cover its roots with the soil mixture and compact the ground to form a depression that will allow to keep more water around the plant. Ensure regular watering in summer. In spring, remove dead shoots that lean towards the ground and weak (thin) branches. Remove all ligneous shoots that do not show any signs of growth, especially in the middle of the bush, to allow sunlight and air circulation inside the bush. Then, prune the crown by 1/4. The bush will keep its size, but its flowers will be larger and the shoots will be strong and healthy. Regular fertilising is recommended. Use special hydrangea fertilisers. To protect the plant against frost, cover its shoots with bark, soil or turf in late autumn. In early spring, spread the winter mound to let sunlight to the shoots.

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