2 in 1 grapevine

Fragaria Vesca

"Merlot + Golden Muskateller"

Winorosl 2w1 MerlotGolden Muskateller


2 in 1 grapevine is a mix of two grapevine varieties providing very high yield, Merlot and Golden Muskateller. Merlod has round, black and blue fruit with thin skin and easily adapts to different climate conditions. Golden Muskateller ripens relatively early, has large triangular bunches, with medium-sized, round or slightly flattened yellow berries with thin skin.


This grapevine variety should be planted in a sunny and warm spot, protected from wind. It grows well in light, permeable and fertile soil, rich in nutrients. Optimum pH 6.7 to 7.2. When planting grafted grapevines dig a hole the right size. Keep in mind that the roots should be at a depth of about 25 - 30 cm from ground level, in order to protect them from frost during winter. At the planting site, a stake should be driven into the soil, and then the plant should be placed in the hole and inclined at an angle of about 15 ° in relation to the stake, then backfilled with soil. The place of the graft should be about 5 - 10 cm above soil level. In the spring of the first year after planting, the seedling should be cut above the third bud eye. The shoots that grow over 150 cm in height should be pruned at the top to thicken.

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