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Ra wielokokolorowa Desse


Desse is a rose variety with impressive, originally coloured flowers. Grows rapidly, reaching up to 140 cm in height. The bush is covered with large, leathery, dark green leaves. Desse starts blooming in June and then flowers appear repeatedly until October. Flowers are round, with the diameter of 11 cm, usually growing separately on long shoots. Petals are white around the bud and purple near the ends. This variety is characterised with relatively strong and very pleasant smell. Desse is perfect for colourful garden compositions. Its flowers are good for cutting.


It is best to plant this rose in a sunny location. It grows well in sandy and clayey soils. Prefers wet substrate, with pH ranging from 6 to 6.5. 
Remove withering flowers and inflorescence regularly. The bush requires flowering in summer - it is best to do it in the morning or in the evening. Avoid wetting leaves and flowers. In late autumn, prune leaving approx. 10 cm shoots. Cover them with soil, sawdust or turf to protect the plant against frost. Dig up the heap in early spring to let sunlight reach the shoots and leaves. Apply proper spraying to protect against black spot.
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