Vaccinium corymbosum




Bluegold is an highly valued variety of highbush blueberry. The shrub has a round shape. Dense branches are covered with dark green foliage. The plant can grow up to 1.8 m. Fruits usually ripen in the second half of August, providing abundant crop. The fruits are large, flattened, blue-black and quite juicy. Very tasty. This plant variety is excellent for backyard gardens and plantations.


he shrubs prefer sunny locations. Blueberries can grow on high bogs as well as medium fertile and light soils. The soil should be constantly moist but aerated. pH from 3.5 to 4.8 is optimum. 

Sanitary pruning (removing weak, mechanically or frost-damaged branches) is recommended for 4 years after planting. During the 5th year, prune to rejuvenate or to lighten by trimming or removing the oldest and dense branches. The most suitable pruning period is at the end of winter or during the first days of spring, when temperatures are not freezing. Sprouts damaged by frost can be recognised during that time, and already visible buds determine the range of pruning. Nitrogen fertilisers should be applied in three doses – from the beginning of May until mid-June. First dose should be applied directly after blossom, while the last when most intensive fruit growth ends. Potassic, phosphatic and magnesium fertilisers should be used in autumn. Blueberry requires regular watering. The plant is frost hardy, however it is good to protect new cuttings for winter during the first year by covering them with litter. Another bush is required for pollination.
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