Kalina is an appreciated moderately early grapevine variety, providing excellent fruit, good for direct consumption. The bush is characterised by intensive growth and high yield. Fruit ripen in early September. Grape bunches are large and rather loose. Berries are medium-sized, pink, with delicate skin. Sweet taste with rich aroma. This variety is cold hardy.


This grapevine variety should be planted in a sunny and warm spot, protected from wind. It grows well in light permeable soil, rich in nutrients. Optimum pH 6.7 to 7.2.

Plant the seedling leaving 2-3 buds over the surface. Cover half of the seedling with soil, water thoroughly and cover the protruding part of the seedling with turf. Prune both in winter when bush growth is paused and also during the growth period. In late winter, during the so-called forced-resting period, remove yearly woody shoots, less often older branches, in order to achieve the proper shape of the bush (structural pruning) and in order to achieve appropriate fruit distribution (maintaining productivity). During the growth period, green parts of plants should be pruned repeatedly: vines and inflorescence pruning, removing early shoots, cutting vine ends before flowering, vine topping, removing excess foliage, etc. Proper pruning should leave only the branches that provide fruit or will be used to restore the bush shape in the following year (replacing branches). To protect the plant against frost, cover the shoots with soil, sawdust or turf in late autumn. In early spring, loosen the winter protection to allow the sunlight to the shoots. Fertilise the grapevine with organic fertiliser each year.

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