3-In-1 currant is a set of carefully selected currant varieties - black, red and white. They together form a shrub which is multicoloured and compact in form, growing up to 1 m in height. The varieties included in the 3-in-1 currant guarantee delicious and various fruits - black Titani variety is famous for its large and extremely aromatic berries, red Jonkheer van Tets grows slightly acidulous but exceptionally tasty fruits, whereas white Biała z Juterbog is recognised by connoisseurs of currant. The 3-in-1 currant means outstanding aesthetics and variety of tastes which will work perfectly on a recreation lot or in every garden.


It is recommended to plant it in the sun and in a warm place. It grows well almost in all types of soil, excluding limestone soil. Ideal substrate should be light, fine-grained, planted deeply and rich in organic matter. Optimum pH should fall within the range from 6.2 to 6.7.

After planting the shrub, cut sprouts over the 3rd-4th mesh from the surface of the earth. Perform subsequent cut in the 5th year after the planting. The currant bears fruits on one or two year sprouts as well as five and six year sprouts and short sprouts, thus there should be about 10 sprouts left every year on the plant cut properly. Cut one year sprouts to one fifth of the their length. Perform it in March/April. Sprouts should be removed from the shrub evenly (both from the centre and the outer side), starting from the weakest, lying down, sick, damaged, crossing or frostbitten. In case of older plants, cut sick, broken or withered sprouts in the spring. Organic fertilisers are the basis of the fertilisation plan.

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